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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  March 11, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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the atrocity committed that could put a major flashpoint on already strained relations with the u-s. . war in afghanistan at the hands of a u.s. soldier. the atrocity committed that could put a major flashpoint on already-strained relations with the u.s. a somber commemoration exactly one year after tsunami and earthquake decimated parts of japan. the debris that remains inland and what to do with it. a quiet bay area campus thrust into the national spotlight, as the men's basketball team heads to the big dance. breach yet in u . good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. it could be the deepest breach yet in u.s.-afghan relations. a u.s. army staff sergeant is in custody after allegedly killing 16 civilians during a shooting
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rampage in afghanistan. as susan mcginnis reports, the incident is almost certain to spark a new round of antiamerican protests. >> reporter: victims were covered with blankets in the back of a truck, as villagers examined one of three homes attacked. witnesses say an american soldier opened fire in two villages, killing 16 people, including nine children, and three women. several others were wounded not far from a u.s. base in southern afghanistan. >> u.s. forces are providing the highest level of care for those injured. we are still attempting to ascertain the facts. >> reporter: cbs news has learned the suspect from fort lewis, washington was on his first tour of afghanistan, but had served a couple of prior tours in iraq. afghan president hamid karzai called it an assassination and says the shooting cannot be forgiven. president obama phoned karzai to offer condolences and express his shock and sadness.
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nato is working with local villagers to help understand what happened. >> what the motivation of the perpetrator has to be found out in the investigation. >> reporter: the shooting could not have come at a more sensitive time in u.s.-afghan relations. tensions were just starting to ease following the accidental burning of muslim holy books last month, sparking widespread protests across afghanistan that left dozens dead, including six u.s. service members. there's certain now this latest event could trigger new protests and more blood shed. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. say good-bye to the spring-like weather we've seen for months and batten down the hatches. elizabeth wenger tells us a powerful storm is headed our way. >> that's right. looks like we've got one more dry day ahead of us, and then, yes, the storm door officially opens. for the most part, sail boats across the bay today, so any lingering showers are pretty
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much out of here for now. for tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, temperatures in the 50s and 60s. then we are are really setting up for what looks like three different systems moving over the bay tuesday through sunday. that high pressure system that's been keeping us mild and dry is now out of here, continuing farther east. we'll time it out quickly with future cast. just a few clouds roll in on monday throughout much of the day. then tuesday morning, starting in the north bay, things really become unsettled, moving across the bay. by the afternoon, heavy to moderate rain at times, and again, that's just our first in a series of storm systems we're watching through next weekend. so we'll tell you all about it, show you the seven-day forecast, coming up. meantime, ann, back to you. >> thank you. one year later, japan spent the day remembering the country's massive earthquake and tsunami with countless ceremonies. people lit more than 3000 candles in fukushima, where the crippled nuclear plant caused thousands to evacuate their homes. the candles were put in cups with messages of hope and well
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wishes. more ways japan honored the nearly 20,000 people killed in that catastrophic event. >> reporter: japanese mourners chanted as they set sail to remember those who died in the devastating earthquake and tsunami a year ago. they released floating lanterns in memory of thousands this same ocean swept away. she says i can't believe a year has already passed. sirens what i would across the country at the exact moment the quake hit. victims lost entire families and are reliving the pain. the tsunami is so big, it dragged this massive ship into the middle of the city. now, it's been a year and people here still haven't decided if they want the ship turned into a memorial or if they want it to be hauled away so they can just
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forget. survivors near the fukushima nuclear plant wore protective suits as they paid respects to their loved ones. it's the first time they have returned since high levels of radiation forced them out. and they could only stay for a short time because of the contamination. thousands of antinuclear protesters rallied in tokyo, blaming the government for how it handled the nuclear crisis. others turned to prayer, to get through what they call a twin tragedy, natural catastrophe and the worst nuclear disaster in 25 years. cbs news, japan. . >> and that city in japan is thanking a city in the bay area for its help following the devastating earthquake. this afternoon, crews plant add cherry blossom tree at mitchell park in palo alto. japan suffered damage during the quake and ended up sheltering many refugees. people in palo alto, including students, raised more than
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$16,000 in relief funds to help with recovery. >> we now see how many students will be coming back year after year to see how the tree grows and it's reflective of the relationship of the students and the city. >> 16 middle school students from the city were there for the tree planting ceremony. they are in palo alto as part of an exchange program. so for the second time in three years, the st. mary's men's basketball team is going dancing. and of course we're talking about march madness. on monday, they won the west coast conference championship, clinching a berth in the ncaa tournament. anne makovec on the excitement of the east bay campus. >> just like, ah! so exciting! >> reporter: it's a quiet campus in a tiny town thrust into the national spotlight. >> tournament time, everybody's excited. >> it's a lot of fun to be in the stands and kind of be, like, yeah, i'm a part of it. >> reporter: the trophy that
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brought them to this point and the net is on display in the gym, and the first person to show up at today's rally isn't even a student. >> i came for their last home game. it was a loss, but it was fun. >> reporter: a small company started by an alum has merchandise for sale. >> we were preparing about half an hour after they won the championship. >> reporter: with no predictions on how much money this will bring in. >> right now, we're just focusing on selling it and getting the people what they want. >> reporter: another unknown factor is exactly how many students will use this tournament as an excuse to be absent from class. >> there's a possibility. >> don't tell my parents! >> i don't know if i'll go to class! [ laughter ] >> i'll definitely be watching all the games on tv. >> reporter: as far as predictions, it depends on who you ask. >> i'm trying to win my bracket. [ laughter ] >> i don't know if i'll put st. mary's in the finals. >> you don't have faith?
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>> not that much. sorry! [ laughter ] >> reporter: anne makovec, cbs 5. and we'll have more on the ncaa tournament later in sports, including whether cal made it in. be sure to stay with cbs 5, your home for march madness, and if you're feeling lucky, go to our website and sign up for our bracket challenge. log onto click on sports. people inside a small plane -- . wings ripped off, propel letters bent backwards, but believe it or not, the people inside the plane walked away after it crashed in a backyard. how close it came to a family sitting down to dinner. crucial primaries in the south this tuesday. what rick santorum is hoping for and why newt gingrich thinks it won't happen. ,,
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near a home in sacramento . three people are fortunate to be alive, after a plane crashed near a home in sacramento county. the small two-engine aircraft suffered quite a bit of damage after going down last night. the federal aviation administration says the pilot landed in a backyard after both the plane's engines failed. the family who lives there was
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having dinner when it heard a puffing noise from the sky. >> it took my attention to the east and i saw what appeared to be like a flashlight coming out of the sky. then i heard a big thud. i turned to my friend and i said aaron, call 911. the plane just crashed in our yard. >> family members say if the plane hadn't hit a telephone pole, it would have landed in their dining room. the plane was on its way to mcclellan airport. three people on the plane suffered minor injuries. well, the race for the republican presidential nomination heads back to the south. the candidates are gearing up for crucial primaries tuesday in mississippi and alabama. mitt romney continues to lead, but as drew levenson reports, rick santorum is making strides. rick santorum spent sunday in mississippi, shaking hands, holding babies, and posing for pictures. the gop presidential candidate is looking to gain support from voters in the deep south, where mississippi and alabama hold
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their primaries tuesday. >> we think that the folks in mississippi and alabama are going to vote for the conservative who represents their values, that can present the best contrast for president obama. >> reporter: santorum hopes a strong showing could force newt gingrich out of the race, and turn this into a two-man contest with mitt romney. >> morning, y'all! >> reporter: one santorum says he would win, but he won't ask gingrich to step aside. >> i didn't ask speaker gingrich to get in, i'm not going to ask him to get out. >> reporter: throughout the primaries and caucus, santorum and gingrich have split the conservative vote, giving romney the moderate advantage. on cbs's face the nation, gingrich said he's not getting out, and as he did in georgia last week, he he can win this week. >> we're going to get a lot of delegates in both mississippi and alabama and i think the odds are pretty good we'll get them. >> reporter: romney didn't campaign this weekend. he'll join the others back on the trail monday. drew levenson, cbs news. may sound like a broken record, but gas prices are up
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again. the national average for a gallon of regular is up 12 cents from two weeks ago, putting it at $3.81. we wish we could pay that amount here in california. the state average is $4.32, and of course it's much higher here in the bay area. well, had san francisco's embarcadero closed for much of the day, but it wasn't a bad thing. the return of the activities designed to get you out of your car and into the fresh air. and we have partly cloudy skies across the bay area right now. we can see folks walk ago cross the golden gate bridge. well, things are really going to change later this week. we are gearing up for what could be one of our wettest stretches so far this winter. your seven-day forecast, coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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former teen idol, davy jones. hundreds gathered in pennsylvania to pay their respects to the former monkees front man. the memorial service was held in snyder county, where jones owned a home for about 20 years. he lived there full-time for most of those years, but spent recent winters in florida. that's where jones died of a heart attack last month. he was 66 years old. the sunday streets season is officially underway again in san francisco. today, the normally traffic- congested embarcadero--- was off-limits to cars, giving free reign of the road to bicyclists and pedestrians. the event stretches for miles, all the way from fisherman's wharf to mariposa 2. . >> giving free reign of the road to bicyclists and pedestrians, stretching miles from fisherman's wharf to mariposa street by pier 52. >> i wish we had bikes, but we just -- we came out for a walk. >> usually there's cars on there and it's fun because--
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>> it's free! >> yeah, it's free! >> today's sunday streets program wrapped up about an hour and a half ago. the next one is april 15th, at golden gate park. looks like the rain held off just enough for them to enjoy the sun. >> in the morning, it was great. lingers sprinkles in the afternoon. we dried out across the bay area and it wasn't too bad. let's check out the sierra. a winter wonderland up there. great weekend for skiing. i want to let you know that the sierra and southern lake tahoe, they are under a winter storm watch tuesday and wednesday. some of the highest elevations could actually see two or more feet of snow and you know what snow means up there, likely means rain here in the bay area. that's what we're watching. in fact, three separate storm systems could move our way tuesday through sunday. so enjoy the dry weather, because it's not going to last long. temperatures mainly in the 50s right now, very low 60s.
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60 in concord, 57 in oakland. for tonight, we'll see kind of a mix of clouds, cool in the inland spots, 37 degrees. otherwise in the low to mid-40s across the bay area. now, for tomorrow, another dry day, and again, this dry weather is not going to last for long. temperatures mainly in the 50s to very low 60s across the coast, bay and inland. the high pressure system that brought us all the dry, mild weather late last week and saturday, well, that is now gone, continuing its journey farther east. we're watching a series of low pressure systems. time it out with future cast, monday looks dry. tuesday, just in time for the morning commute, things begin to get unsettled, especially in the north bay, then pushing farther south throughout the rest of the day. tuesday into wednesday looks like it could be our biggest storm system. some areas in the urban spots could see 1 to 3 inches of rain with the system. then another one coming thursday into friday. then a third separate one coming
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sometime next weekend. so this could be a pretty good soaker. the next six days we could see more rain than we typically get in the average month. pinpoint forecast, lows overnight mainly in the upper 30s to low to mid-40s across the bay area. then dry. 60s, low 60s generally across the bay area for tomorrow. so all right, checking out the forecast over the next several days, prepare for all our wet weather today and tomorrow, because then tuesday into wednesday, that, again, could be our biggest storm system and then we've got another one coming in thursday, another one coming in friday. you get the idea. that wet weather continues through sunday. it may even continue into early next week. it's a little too early for our forecast models to tell, but obviously a pretty good stretch and definitely one of the wettest stretches we've seen so far this winter. >> and we can't complain even if we want to! >> we need it. >> thank you very much. st. mary's is in the big dance? >> well, the question, you know, cal or washington?
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washington won the regular season pac-10 title, but they didn't win the tournament title. so it might have come down to one of those two teams. would cal earn a spot in the ncaa tournament? the bears had to wait until the final teams were announced, and which superstar was whisked away early from this event in a mercedes? we'll show you, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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automatic bid, the bears knew . well, cal had to sweat out selection sunday, after failing to win the pac-12's automatic
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bid. the bears knew they were on the bubble. >> first round matchup on wednesday in dayton between the golden bears of california, second team out of the pac-12, or the 8th team out of the big east. the bulls of south florida. >> yeah, cal earned one of the final at-large bids. so they will tip off wednesday against south florida in one of the play-in games. this game is a bit of a surprise to bears coach mike montgomery. >> so did get a little anxious, any time you got to wait to the end. as it is, you know, the pac-12 gets an 11th seed and a 12th seed play-in game and gets only two. tough, tough draw for the pac-12. >> did you feel you did enough to avoid the first four? >> well, there's no question. i don't think there's any question about that. you know, we had some good, we had some tough losses early. i thought we had a pretty good year. meanwhile, st. mary's knows what it's like to be snubbed on selection sunday, but after winning the wcc tournament, they
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could just sit back and wait to hear their name called. >> the third team out of the west coast conference, the gales of st. mary's! >> they take on purdue, fourth trip to the tournament under the great randy bennett. >> it's great for the school, helps with free advertising. it's, it's -- it gives the school more identity. it's been consistent. it hasn't been -- we haven't been a one-shot wonder. we've been consistent over the last, pretty much the last eight years. kentucky is the tournament's number 1 overall seed, despite losing in the sec championship today. wildcats are 32-2 and will be the top seed in the south. syracuse gets the 1 seed in the east region. number 1 seed in the midwest goes to north carolina. and thanks to winning the big 10 championship, michigan state earned the number 1 seed in the
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west. we'll break it all down tonight on game day. this was supposed to be the year of the comeback for tiger woods, but after today, even an appearance at the masters could be in doubt. final round, cadillac championship at doral. woods said he felt tightness in his left achilles tendon in the warmup. after this shot, he was noticeably limping. same injury that cost him two injuries last year. meanwhile, justin rose was three shots back to start, early momentum. this birdie finds its way, side pocket to take the lead on the back nine. meanwhile, tiger was still driving home, wondering why a blimp was chasing him. what is nbc thinking there? third round leader, bubba wattton shoots a 74, forcing sudden death. no, rose with his first world golf championship event, $1.4
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million. after homering yesterday in his cactus league debut, yoenis went 0 for 3 today against the royals. no position battle at second base. bring on the regular season already! former royal sends one into orbit, 2-run jack, trying to win a job. oakland wins 10-8. malone pitches into the 4th inning, allowing 2 runs on 4 hits. >> i'm going to step out of tradition a little bit because this is las vegas. what goes on here stays here, and i'm going to say drivers, light these bad boys up! 12 laps to go, kurt busch lost control, crashed into the wall. his day was over. one of eight cautions in vegas. last year's sprint cup champion tony stewart made a brilliant move with 34 laps to go, then was able to hold off on a late restart to take the checkered flag, stewart's first win in las vegas. and andrew luck has had enough pressure on him replacing
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peyton manning. all eyes on him today at stanford, where he threw out the first pitch. no wonder luck didn't want to do any of the throwing drills during the nfl combine! brian wilson pitched one inning of relief in his cactus league debut. giants beat seattle 7-5. mike montgomery, the full interview tonight on game day. >> lot to talk about tonight. >> you know how it goes. you always do well in the bracket! >> i know! >> you always do well. >> it is. i go by team colors or places i visited. it's worked! thanks. well, the worry is that it could happen here. on a day when japan's tsunami victims are being remembered, demonstrators think californians are at risk. coming up, tonight at 6:30, arguments the california nuclear plant could spread widespread devastation in the event of an earthquake and how plant managers are responding. that's it for us. see you back here in half an
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hour. good night. ,,,,
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